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If anime characters aren't human, that doesn't mean they can't fall in love and get married just like the rest of us. Anime characters have boyfriends and girlfriends and they love weddings just as much as we do. has thought about our anime fans and has created a bunch of lovely and colorful anime wedding games everybody will enjoy.

Anime weddings are more exciting than human weddings firstly because of the colors. Every color in the book is available when it comes to decorations, flower arrangements, wedding dresses or hair. Our anime friends wear yellow wedding dresses, with pink veils and purple shoes and in their world, everything goes. There's no such thing as a fashion error when it comes to colors. Anime brides might choose to compliment their blue hair with an orange veil or a pink tiara and wear matching gloves or they might go for a green hairstyle with a purple veil and green gloves. The location for an anime wedding can be very spectacular too. How about a rainbow for a wedding location? That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Or would you prefer a wedding between the stars with the moon as your witness? If you're an anime character those are real choices for you. is the perfect place for all anime fans and I'm sure you all just adore the anime wedding games. They're fun, colorful and a great way to spend a nice time enjoying your passion, anime characters. Have fun, girls!

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