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Elsa is Getting Married

Elsa is getting married today and all Frozen land is in great celebration. Everybody talks about the bride's outfit. What dress will she wear is the question on the lips of all folks. The mystery will be revealed soon. For now Frozen Elsa must prep as she is getting married in a few hours. Make Elsa beautiful for her wedding day giving her a fab wedding makeover. The Frozen princess needs her make up and hair done. She has a flawless skin complexion so a trip to the facial beauty salon is not needed. Use the dazzling make up kit at your disposal and do Elsa's wedding make up. Apply glittery eye shadow, black mascara, lipstick, blush and foundation. Hair styling is next, followed by dress up. Pick the most wonderful bridal dress for the Frozen bride to wear, adding the rest of the wedding accessories. Enjoy playing our brand new wedding game!

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