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Wedding Flower Girl

Angela is attending her first wedding as a flower girl this weekend. All the bridesmaid places are already taken and this is the only vacancy left for the bride's bff. Angela is nervous and she wants everything to come out perfectly during the wedding ceremony. She is known to be a bit clumsy when she is under pressure. Help Angela practice her wedding flower girl look doing her hair, make up and dressing her up. Give Angela a trendy make up using lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara, eyeliner and foundation. What kind of lipstick color should the pretty girl wear? Should she go for a hot burgundy or a pastel pink hue? Dress up the wedding flower girl in an elegant dress and studs. Style up the hair in an event appropriate hairstyle and don't forget the bouquet of flowers! The makeover is complete and Angela looks absolutely gorgeous. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new wedding game!

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