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I don't know about you, but I've been to at least 100 weddings during my lifetime and I've seen some big horrors when it comes to the outfits the Bridesmaids had to wear. I even had to wear some weird dresses myself a few times because my friends who got married were out of ideas for the bridesmaid dresses. thought best friends should be best friends forever and they shouldn't fight over such a small thing as a bridesmaid dress so we prepared some dress up games for those girls who have no ideas when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. The first thing you should know, my future brides, is that ruffles aren't a good idea, unless you're planning a carnival themed wedding. Those things look awful on everyone and your bridesmaids won't love wearing them. Also, don't forget to ask your bridesmaids about the color of the dresses, because yellow doesn't look great on everyone, even if you might think it does. Wedding planning and pre wedding emotions might not let you think clearly. The bride and groom might be the two most important people in the wedding, but your bridesmaids will be standing right there besides you and the wrong dresses will ruin all your wedding photos and your friendships, girls!

If you don't want to torture you're friends when you get married, play some of our free Bridesmaid games at and practice choosing nice and flattering bridesmaid dresses for your friends. They'll be forever grateful and your wedding pictures will look great, I promise!

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