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Don't think that all weddings are traditional ones, with white dresses, satin tablecloths and perfect white cakes. Some people decide to have a wedding that suits their style. For those of you who are Emo and Goth fans, has created a special selection of Emo and Goth weddings that I'm sure you'll find amazing.

If a traditional bride wears a white, ivory, champagne or pastel pink dress, the Emo bride will go for more unconventional colors. It's not uncommon to see an Emo bride or a Goth bride wearing a hot pink dress, a purple dress, a grey one or a black one. These lovely brides also go for green dresses or black and white ones. The fabrics in these dresses are also very different from the traditional lace and silk. You'll often see leather and a lot of metal on an Emo and Goth wedding dress. You'll Find hundreds of such dresses on and get some inspiration if you're thinking about such a special and different wedding. You'll also find unique ideas for your makeup, hair and wedding manicure on our website and some of these tips will come in handy when your big day comes.

All you have to do is have fun while playing our great Emo and Goth Wedding games. There's nothing more exciting than trying on punk wedding dresses and imagining what you would look like on your wedding day dressed in an Emo and Goth gown. Join us at and have a great time playing these great wedding games.

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