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With all those designers out there and with all the exotic wedding locations available, traditional weddings have become extinct. Still, there are many young brides that prefer a traditional June wedding at the Plaza, rather than an exotic destination wedding in Hawaii. If you're one of the traditional brides, has the perfect games for you.

A whole set of traditional wedding games awaits you here. People have forgotten how wonderful a white wedding decorated with red roses can look and that no other type of wedding makes a bride feel more like a pure and wonderful princess. The wedding games you'll find on are designed for brides born in many different cultures of the world. You'll find lovely Indian traditional wedding ideas, Japanese, French, Hawaiian or Italian and many other wedding games with different traditional backgrounds. Did you know that Indian brides don't wear white on their wedding day, but bright red? They also have their hands painted to look more beautiful for their groom. I for one have always been interested in traditional Chinese weddings and I found a wonderful game that helped me learn more about the fascinating dress up traditions of the Chinese people. It was a lot of fun learning so many new and interesting things about a traditional wedding I knew nothing about before.

Is there a traditional wedding you're interested in? Have fun on while learning tons of things on traditional weddings all over the world. Tell your friends about these interesting and educational games and have fun playing them together, girls!

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