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Wedding planning can be extremely challenging and time consuming and this can lead to you forgetting about important aspects, like the manicure. Your nails are just as important as your dress and knows that. You wouldn't want your hands looking awful when your future husband places the wedding ring on your finger, would you? has some great wedding manicure ideas to share with you and you can find them all in our fun and entertaining wedding manicure games. You should plan your nails design ahead, just like you did with the rest of the aspects in your wedding. Make an appointment with a manicure saloon and be sure to have some ideas about what you want when you get there, otherwise you might end up with your finger nails painted blue at you green and yellow wedding. And don't think people won't notice your manicure, because they will. Everyone's attention at a wedding is set on the bride and every detail of your look will be noticed. So trust me, girls, your wedding manicure truly is important. You can go for the classic French Manicure or choose a more unconventional wedding manicure style that represents your style better. Your nails must compliment your entire look and make the dress stand out.

If you haven't thought about your wedding manicure yet, no need to panic, girls. has prepared hundreds of free wedding manicure games just for you. You'll find all the ideas you need right here and all the wedding manicure games are free. Have fun playing them, ladies!

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